Technical Innovation

We pride ourselves not only on using the latest technology, but also developing it. Whether it’s to ensure accuracy and efficiency in filling prescriptions or third-party billing, we partner with the very best in the field. The results speak for themselves.


Our Paperless System is more than a collection of cool technology. It’s a philosophy. It’s not just paper-free, it’s a fully integrated system. All the information that a pharmacy needs to run smoothly and efficiency—from patient records to refills to third-party billing information—is stored digitally so it can be retrieved quickly and easily. And whenever we come across important information that isn’t digital, we find a way to make it digital. It’s one of the ways our pharmacies are constantly becoming smarter, faster and more accurate.


Our Robot system not only offers supreme efficiency, it also gives pharmacists the confidence of knowing they are using a system that is virtually error-proof. The system provides just-in-time order fulfillment for different dispensing cycles and partial fills. Its intuitive software removes and adds medication cassettes as needed, and it’s flexible enough to fit into a variety of pharmacy settings.