The benefits we offer are like everything else we do. They are carefully tailored to the individual employee, and we make sure that the benefits you receive are the benefits that best suit you.


With Choice Time, you decide how and when to use your paid time off. There are no company-wide annual holidays, because (as you know) that’s not how health care works. Instead, you get to choose your own custom vacation time, complete with yearly rollover and accrual.


Independent, self-funded insurance for maximum control and low deductibles. For those eligible, coverage takes effect on the first day of the month following your date of hire.


In order to be a successful clinician, it is important to keep up with the very latest in evidence-based techniques and treatments. Consonus offers robust in house continuing education programs. Our partnership with Accelerated Care Plus also brings quality education to each department every quarter.

Relias has also brought their extensive online coursework to us via Consonus Online University.

While a clinician could feasibly acquire all the continuing education needed for licensure from these two avenues, we also offer an annual allowance that employees can utilize as they choose.

Finally, our therapists also tell us one of the best ways to learn and grow is from each other: who is doing what, where, and with great results. The interaction between colleagues is a crucial part of therapy practice.

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